How To Help Your Kids Learn the TRUTH ABOUT MONEY 
How To Make Sound Financial Decisions Today
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We think it’s important to plant these ideas early. With our training the teens have a blast learning about:
  • The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom: How Money Works, Moves, Changes Through History, and With Technology
  • Super Powers to Bulletproof Your Money: The Insider Strategies for Budgeting, Growth, and Protection
  • ​The Magic Formula for Wealth: How Compound Interest and the RULE OF 72 📈 Can Make You Rich
  • ​and so much more...
Upcoming Class Schedule:
  • ​Jan. 20th, 2024: Saturday Full Day 101 & 102 - (open)
  • ​NEW: Feb. 3rd, 2024: Saturday Full Day 103 & 104 - (members only)
  • ​Mar. 2nd, 2024: Saturday Full Day 101 & 102 - (open)
  • ​Coming Soon - more dates for 2024
What if Only We Knew Then, What We Know Now About Money?

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Abner Bauman 
Parent - Dad
Hi Anthony and Mark, my daughter enjoyed the class and is glad she attended. It gave her confidence and a boost of interest to read more material on the topic on personal finance and how money works in our current system.  - 25Feb2023

Teresa Robles
Parent - Mom
I believe financial literacy is important for kids at young ages and that they learn about this subject. 
- 25Feb2023
What Our Students & their Parents Are Saying:

Claudio Robles
"This is a great course. It has a lot of information but it is explained really well. I definitely learnt a lot about managing money, bitcoin stocks, and a lot more. This course is definitely worth it."  My favourite part of this course was Bitcoin. It was really well explained. 

25Feb2023 Class Participant

This course is amazing for kids to get to know how to handle their money, what things are good to invest in and how to store your money. But most importantly what is money and what is its value. This course has helped me a lot, especially with my future.

 25Feb2023 Class Participant

Charlotte Giles
You should take this course to learn how to invest your money and how to keep up with inflation and your money.   (My favourite part of this course): learning more about how to invest your money smartly. 

25Feb2023 Class Participant

Casey Herfurth
This course helps you prepare for your future and teaches you things you wouldn't learn in school. 
(My favourite part of this course): Learning about the different characteristics money needs to succeed. 

 25Feb2023 Class Participant

Mark Molder, B.Ed.
Dad of 2, Certified Teacher, Halton Board
Master's Distance Learning and Education
“Are you struggling to teach your child about money and financial literacy?
Do you wonder how your child will get ahead financially if they don't have the skills to save and invest?

Frustrated teaching them about money, saving, and investing only to have them tune you out? 

I get it, I'm a dad and my kids sometimes block me out when I talk about the money system, hard assets, and Bitcoin"

Anthony DeGazon, MBA
Dad of 3, MBA, Author, Entrepreneur
“Yes finally it is here!
A hands-on PROGRAM that teaches kids' about financial literacy, money, and what to watch out for about crypto currency vs bitcoin.

This fun, engaging, useful, and carefully designed program led by an experienced classroom teacher, pulls students in through stories, games, and examples kids can relate.”

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